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Migration & Deployment Services

Dedicated AWS Certified Consultants, Architects & Engineers


Do you have an ad-hoc issue or challenge with AWS? Our tactical deployment services team will dive straight in, tackle any challenge, and utilize the right tooling and expertise to get you back on track. We can also ensure your environment is well-architected and optimized for cost savings.


Undertaking a large scale transition to AWS? We have a proven methodology for shutting down traditional data centers and migrating to AWS, beginning with a discovery session, then design, to the successful engineering and execution of your move.


Transforming your business with AWS? We’ll work with you to create the vision, strategy, and business case for the cloud. Then we’ll help refactor and transform your systems and operational processes to take your business and team to a better end state in the cloud.

“CorpInfo is a great example of how an established technology provider is reinventing their business with AWS.”

Terry Wise, Vice President WW Alliances at AWS

“Thanks to CorpInfo’s extraordinary effort and skill we were able to migrate 15 years of infrastructure in three weeks.”

Craig Lefkowitz, Director of Information Systems at
Data & Analytics Practice

Power Big Data applications in the Cloud

  • Scale applications that handle terabytes to petabytes of data
  • Spin up clusters with hundreds of nodes in minutes
  • Support broad spectrums of analytics – regardless of their variety, volume & velocity
  • Save by only paying for what you use, with on-demand provisioning of your Big Data applications
  • Scale up and down automatically
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Managed Support Services

Let us support your internal teams:

  • 24/7 global support team
  • Services that are up & running (99.9% uptime)
  • The ability to startup new services
  • Secure systems
  • Help identifying performance issues
  • Help knowing you are cost efficient
Cost Control Management
Utility computing requires continual monitoring
and waste reduction effort

CorpInfo Managed Usage Service Provides:

  • Access to CloudCheckr tooling
  • Personal Financial Analyst support
  • Consolidated benefits
  • Detailed recommendation reports


Learn how CI/CD on AWS makes it easier for DevOps teams to build, test, and deploy apps in the cloud.


Security & Compliance Services
Moving to the cloud can help to better enhance your security
and compliance provisions

Security Design

Overarching security strategy and design for success with AWS


Security Operation Center for 24/7 threat prevention and analysis monitoring


Leverage AWS to meet HIPAA compliance on your underlying infrastructure


Leverage AWS to meet PCI compliance on your underlying infrastructure

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