New Wave Entertainment Office 365 Case Study

Exchange to Office 365 Migration



Several challenges
on a daily basis

New Wave Entertainment of LA is a provider of content and marketing services to the movie and network/Cable TV industries. In the Entertainment Industry, email is Mission Critical and must be and up and running all the time which puts a huge responsibility on the IT staff.


Towards the end of 2013 NWE was researching Microsoft Partners to consult and assist them with migrating from their on-prem Exchange 2007 platform to Office 365. The environment consisted of 220 mailboxes, with a mix of Windows and Apple platforms.


The NWE staff was facing several challenges on a daily basis to ensure email remained up and functional, and had concerns of storage and server uptime. They concluded their existing email system had become unreliable, was outdated, and had no fault tolerance/high availability. They were also aware of many of the new features and enhancements in the most recent versions of Microsoft Exchange Server. There became mounting pressure on the IT staff to implement a solution quickly.


They needed to find a solution, but also had many concerns and wanted to consult with a knowledgeable Microsoft Partner. NWE consulted with several Microsoft Partners and had built a detailed list of questions and requirements around Office 365 to ensure the solution and partner would meet their needs.



Exchange &
Office 365 Migration

CorpInfo quickly engaged with the NWE staff and began addressing their concerns. NWE put a great emphasis on finding a partner who not only had the right qualifications and expertise in Office 365 migrations, but who also had an understanding of the entertainment industry culture and business environment.


After initial contact by CorpInfo with the NWE IT administrators discussing various aspects of the Office 365 migration, CorpInfo met in person with a high level team from NWE, including the COO and the VP of Technical Operation (technically the CIO) as well as the IT administrators. During this meeting, CorpInfo’s Office 365 team succeeded in presenting a strong case of why CorpInfo was that right partner for NWE for this Exchange migration.


The migration process was explained in detail, our successful track record with Exchange migrations in general and for Office 365, particularly for the entertainment industry.


This helped put the client’s mind at ease about their concerns with the migration process. Originally, NWE wanted to proceed very slowly. The plan was to migrate small groups over an extended period of time. The fact that CorpInfo understood their concerns and demonstrated the ability to migrate users seamlessly with no downtime convinced them to proceed on a traditional approach.


CorpInfo began the engagement which included Administrator and End User Training and completed the migration over a 2-week period. For this project, taking into account the impending growth of the company, a total of 250 licenses with a mix of P1 and E3 Plans were purchased through the Open Volume Licensing program. Additionally, CorpInfo leveraged Microsoft’s available FastTrack Deployment fund, which helped reduce the overall migration cost to the client.


The Results

  • Ability to take advantage of DLP and Policy Tips. They needed to ensure the content was secure and being protected. DLP provided the functionality necessary to achieve their goals.
  • Ability to retire their Blackberry Enterprise Infrastructure by taking advantage of the improved mobility features with Office 365.
  • Never having to worry of deal with maintenance and backup issues again.
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