Live Nation

Amazon Web Services

The biggest benefit to using technology like AWS is the ability to react quickly to business needs. CorpInfo allowed our team to hit the ground running.”

VP Cloud Services, Live Nation


Live Entertainment in the Cloud

Live Nation is the world’s leading live entertainment company comprised of global market leaders such as Artist Nation, Live Nation, Ticketmaster, and Live Nation concerts. When they first decided to explore cloud computing in general they looked at multiple vendors, but it was pretty clear that AWS was more mature than the competition.


Hit the Ground Running

At the time, AWS was a relatively new technology. Although the Live Nation team was well-versed in traditional IT, they really didn’t have any experience with AWS or the public cloud. So they brought in CorpInfo as a partner to help them on their journey into the cloud. This allowed their team to hit the ground running. They took formal training classes, with many members getting certified moving applications into AWS. It’s been such a success, that they are now taking a look at every application they current support and are trying to figure out the best way to build it in AWS.



AWS provides new capabilities for success

The Live Nation team is now going straight into production deployments with the goal of getting 100% of their data centers closed by the end of 2016. The biggest benefit to using technology like AWS is the ability to react quickly to business needs. There’s other advantages such as Group Security, the fact that all of their hardware is now virtualized, and all of the new AWS services that are now available to them. Since Amazon innovates so quickly, the Live Nation team enjoys so many new capabilities in the cloud that just weren’t possible with the old way of doing things.



Why CorpInfo

Founded in 1983, CorpInfo is a leading technology firm providing cloud consulting, infrastructure solutions, and managed services. We use our experience to ensure that clients have the best technical solutions to solve their business challenges and deliver value for their organization. With a team of more than 100 AWS certified solutions architects, we support customers on the journey to the cloud and in unlocking all of the benefits AWS has to offer. We optimize the value of IT investments by thinking creatively to solve specific challenges while laying the groundwork for future growth and flexibility.

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