ForwardLine Managed Services Case Study

Outsourced IT Services



Need to gain greater
infrastructure reliability

Forwardline is an innovative provider of small business loans and needed to gain greater infrastructure reliability, performance and data protection. As the company grew, so did the IT infrastructure requirements.


Prior to partnering with CorpInfo, the client had an independent contractor whom they called whenever problems arose. By relying on this traditional break/fix approach, the systems were unreliable. Long response times while waiting for a service call were also interfering with the company’s ability to service their growing client base.



Assessment &
Infrastructure Consulting

Infrastructure Assessment

CorpInfo performed an Infrastructure Assessment to determine the state of Forwardline’s computing environment and made recommendations to ensure a stable, optimized infrastructure. Several recommendations and improvements were identified.


Performance and System Memory

The client had been experiencing slow performance. CorpInfo determined that this was due to low memory on the servers and workstations. Some servers that housed business applications were close to running out of space. This would have brought the server and applications down. By proactively monitoring the systems, the memory issue was identified and downtime was averted.


Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

The client performed manual data backup that required a large backup window. CorpInfo implemented an improved data protection process and implemented clear backup procedures. The backup process was automated and procedures for tape rotation and offsite storage were developed. Additionally, CorpInfo initiated data testing and validation to ensure the integrity of the backup process.


Application Infrastructure Consulting

CorpInfo provided infrastructure guidance during an ACT contact management database upgrade. CorpInfo’s engineers had concerns regarding the installation procedures for the application. Engaging directly with the software vendor, the team worked tenaciously to speak with the right technical resources to resolve this issue. The recommendations were simpler and required fewer changes to the core infrastructure. More importantly, by following the recommendations, future technical problems were averted including a likely network outage.


Additional Projects


Office Expansion
CorpInfo completed an office expansion in three hours, which included moving the production server and installing new workstations. Due to the meticulous planning, the move was done without incident.


Migration into the AWS Cloud
CorpInfo recently helped ForwardLine move their entire infrastructure made up of Windows Server 2003 into the AWS Cloud after Microsoft announced End of Life in July 2015. AWS now provides ForwardLine with a more stable and secure environment, and additional options for Disaster Recovery for all of their mission critical systems.



CorpInfo’s proactive management services have provided our client with greater reliability, improved performance and data protection. Having a more efficient and dependable computing infrastructure has allowed the client to focus on serving its customers and growing its business.

  • Company growth and office expansion
  • PCI compliance
  • Proactive monitoring to prevent downtime
  • Stablized, optimized and realiable infrastructure
  • Improved performance
  • Data protection with back up and recovery process
  • CRM upgrade


Why CorpInfo

Forwardline partnered with CorpInfo to provide proactive monthly IT services which include: server monitoring, network monitoring and health, and help desk support.

CorpInfo has proven to be a valued partner and has provided critical guidance in many areas.”

CEO, Forwardline
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