Health Advocates Managed Services Case Study

Managed IT Security Services



Network connectivity &
critical network security issues

Health Advocates a mid-sized healthcare company with 11 clinics located throughout California was dealing with severe network problems and security issues. Network connectivity between their clinics was unreliable and there were critical network security issues which also didn’t comply with HIPAA requirements.


CorpInfo assessed the client’s environment to identify the problems and remediated the network. Upon successful completion of this project, the client engaged CorpInfo to provide ongoing monthly it services include: network support, server support and IT help desk support services.



Long-term IT strategy

CorpInfo developed a long-term IT strategy to secure business processes by identifying, preventing, and adapting to both internal and external threats to the client. Initially, CorpInfo conducted an assessment of the entire IT environment and provided documentation of the status of the current environment.


CorpInfo consultants then built an environment that integrated security into all elements of the network, ensuring every point in the network can defend itself from both internal and external threats.


We made certain that these elements worked together to exchange information and are able to adapt to new threats as they arise. CorpInfo created a simplified yet comprehensive, cost-effective network security solution and are currently supporting this network on an ongoing basis.



  • Secure and reliable infrastructure and network environment
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Cost effective network security solution to prevent further threats and security breaches
  • Long term IT business strategy with documented business processes
    Complete IT environment assessment for client to understand their environment
  • Ongoing proactive monthly IT support including: Critical server monitoring, network support and health, help desk support


Why CorpInfo

Ever-changing security threats from both inside and outside the network create an ongoing risk to business operations. The client understood that resolving these network security issues was of utmost importance. With 11 health clinics located throughout California, and over 150 employees working at the clinics, network connectivity and network security were crucial to keep their business up and running. It was imperative that an immediate solution be found.


CorpInfo partnered with Health Advocates and deployed a network security solution to detect and prevent threats from gaining a foothold.  Additionally, CorpInfo implemented solutions to provide a reliable data backup, and connection redundancy were implemented to stabilize the client’s environment.

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