Tugg AWS Case Study

AWS Video on Demand and DevOps

CorpInfo has been an ongoing partner to Tugg, ensuring our platform can scale from hundreds to millions of users as we continue to penetrate the global market.”

COO & Co-Founder, Tugg



Tugg is a theatrical event platform that lets independent film makers bring their movies to local theaters and community venues (such as schools, religious centers, and libraries).


Tugg wanted to give filmmakers a tool that they could use to stream content into the educational market. The Tugg technology team evaluated a number of existing tools and services like Kaltura, but quickly realized building their own video on demand (VOD) platform on AWS was the way to go. The first step was to hire a company with vast AWS expertise who could efficiently and cost effectively build the platform alongside their development and engineering teams.


Amazon CloudFront

The Tugg technology team was looking for a partner who had a firm grasp on all of the AWS APIs they needed to stream together to build their VOD platform. CorpInfo was able to come in and quickly demonstrate our knowledge of how AWS’ systems worked “under the hood” and also prove a business case for Tugg’s new VOD platform that would provide immediate value and open up a new revenue stream.

Video On Demand


Amazon CloudFront, CloudFormation, ElastiCache & Relational Database Service

Alongside Tugg’s development and engineering teams, CorpInfo was able to support a complete VOD platform deployment, which has quickly become the leading VOD solution in the educational space. The CorpInfo team was also able to assist Tugg with best practices and security protocols, helping design an efficient pipeline for injesting user generated movie content and converting it for VOD delivery. They also helped with automation so that Tugg could bring up their entire infrastructure using Amazon CloudFront and subject it to load testing as part of their DevOps workflow. The Tugg VOD platform is scalable, high performing, and more functional than the competition and also PCI compliant.



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