CorpInfo is a Microsoft Cloud Deployment Partner

By CorpInfo -
October 6, 2012 10:56 am

Cloud Deployment Partners are a select group of partners who have been selected by Microsoft to deploy Office 365 to enterprise customers. These partners were selected based on the strength and quality of their cloud deployment practice and experience in cloud deployments.

As a Cloud Deployment Partner, CorpInfo receives enhanced support and access to additional resources that ensure the success of enterprise Office 365 deployments. Microsoft provides CorpInfo with specialized training that addresses the challenges of enterprise cloud deployments, access to dedicated support and consultants, and advanced deployment planning tools.

CorpInfo has extensive expertise in integrating Office 365 with on-premise infrastructure and understands that a successful Office 365 deployment must take into consideration business and end-user requirements. Our experience, along with the additional resources, positions us as the ideal partner to guide your Office 365 project.

by CorpInfo
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